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Owlette by lemonflower
I made this a while back as a gift for my sister and brother-in-law on the occasion of me having a nephew now, and it's since been very useful as a card for other new babbies in the surrounding a. I did not check whether owls exhibit sexual dimorphism, but if so, I am so glad for these two dad owls! Way to go, guys!

Watercolor & digital.
Neighborhood Barbecue by lemonflower
Neighborhood Barbecue
This is the bulk of an art installation I completed this spring. In real life it's a diorama set up in an abandoned phone box, about 27" tall x 12" wide x 7" deep. There's some other art assets but they don't fit neatly into this drop-shadowed digitally layered version - namely a banner that fits different dimensions to replace the phone company's name. Also, if you were to stand in front of the physical piece you could peek in between the layers to see more art! Well, baby's gotta learn to take photos some day, but unfortunately I haven't yet. 

Watercolor & digital (the diorama is printed on heavy archival paper and mounted on foamcore, then sealed behind plexiglass; also if you ever want to feel like a boss and a half I recommend drilling through stainless steel just like WHIRR WHIRR NOW THERE'S A HOLE). 
Princess Ben by lemonflower
Princess Ben
Lately I've been having trouble feeling like any of my personal work is worth finishing; I felt similarly about this, but it was kind of an Eat My Vegetables exercise anyway, so I did (lighting a character slightly more than perfunctorily, drawing from a point of view other than straight-on; but girl you KNOW I'm painting that placid smile, I'm still ME). It was originally a straightforward purple-yellow color comp but at the last second I threw a bunch of a blue-green-grey at it because see note above re: me. 

This painting is based on a fun, unpretentious fairy tale retelling I enjoyed recently - Princess Ben. At this point in the story she's described as having a figure like an apple (later she's still thick, but after two months as a prisoner of war and then, crucially, everyone butting THE HECK OUT of what she eats and trying to control her figure with absurd diets, she finds her natural weight. Health at every size yo!!). I wish I had made her rounder here. Next time I'll be less shy.

Watercolor & digital media. 
Crocus Dragon by lemonflower
Crocus Dragon
Little painty doodle today because I miss mock spring (it's real winter now!). A little spring gardener dragon finding a place for a seedling among the crocuses, strongly inspired by this sculptor's gorgeous work:…

Even a sudden and brief winter can feel like a lot, guys. I'm hitting the green paint pre-ee-etty hard. 

Watercolor & digital.
Kate and Layla by lemonflower
Kate and Layla
The last of my Christmas art, I think - a gift for my friend Kate, of her and her little lady, and also that lady's ruling passion.

Watercolor & digital.


Lia Marcoux
United States
Current Residence: New England
Favourite genre of music: Orchestral Feelings Rock

If you're interested in buying any piece you see here that isn't in the store, you can shoot me a note or an e-mail to let me know!

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